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Thank you for your interest in QuasiOS

When referring to QuasiOS, please refrain from using photos, graphics and other assets found anywhere but this Press & Media page without written consent. Thank You.

Proper Spelling

The proper spelling of this company's name is QuasiOS. Capital “Q” followed by lowercase “uasi” terminated by capital “OS”. Note that there is no space between “Quasi” and “OS”.

The only exception to this spelling is when referring to an address of our website. In this case, all letters should be lowercase, e.g. “”.


Download this archive to obtain the QuasiOS logo in white and black, in raster and vector formats (PNG, SVG, and EPS).


  • Only use the black logo on light backgrounds.
  • Only use the white logo on dark backgrounds.
  • Leave enough empty space around the logo so that the lowercase “u” from the logo would be able to fit in that empty space, all around the logo.
  • Do not distort the image proportions.
  • Do not alter the color of the logo.
  • Contact us if you require a version of the logo not provided on this page.


Download this archive to obtain a collection of company photos in PNG and JPG formats.