About QuasiOS

Have you noticed how much the word cyber attack is thrown around in the news lately?

Our mission as a company is to make attacks at that scale a thing of the past.

We make system software that is designed to be secure at its very core.

Our mission starts with the fourth industrial revolution – Industry 4.0.

Factories are becoming “smart”, meaning, they are relying on software to do more tasks in an automatic fashion.

Our software can help the factories’ software be more secure against cyber attacks.

To prove our technology, we will be testing our software with the task of monitoring fire sprinkler systems.

It really boils down to one word, cybersecurity.

Meet the Team

We are three founders, all with master's degrees in Computer Science from IMADA at University of Southern Denmark.

Rasmus has joined the team to help us with sales and outreach.

Origin and Vision (in Danish)