The QuasiOS Operating System is our great vision and is being developed completely from scratch. We are designing the system after modern standards and are breaking up with the limitations of the past.

By the three following pillars we want to create the most secure, flexible and reliable system in the world.


We are introducing a brand new access and permission control system, with a much more detailed granularity than systems seen today.

Our security system is build on state-of-the art research and is following the ACRYLICS system.


We are introducing a brand new modular system structure and want to break up with large, complexed and pathed solutions.

By modularizing our system we can keep the system core lean and the system will be highly updateable.


We are exploring new ways to configure systems and want to break up with easy mistakable text-format-configurations.

We want type-safe configuration files, where the configuration format and programs requires that all settings has been set, and the settings are valid.

Short Techie QuasiOS Story

Three years before QuasiOS was founded we started experimenting with operating systems. We have went through legacy 16-bit real mode, through 32-bit protected mode into UEFI and 64-bit long mode

With the experience for our experiments, we got a good understading of the past, and we are now ready to form the future.

The picture in the bottom is from the official birthday of QuasiOS.
In the middle of the picture is our first operating system named SingOS (Single Task Operating System). SingOS turned three years that day. Next version was legacy-QuasiOS on the right hand side. Finally on the left hand side is the fully 64-bit version of QuasiOS.
QuasiOS birthday