Introducing Cyber Lab by QuasiOS

Cyber Lab is the codename for our new security focused network management software, which is built to use our state-of-the-art cyber secure protocol, CBCP.
Cyber Lab provides features in a simple and hassle-free way as you want in daily operations.

Cyber Lab is a virtual control room designed to give you the power of creating a digital twin as well as controling your production facility. You have the ability to use Cyber Lab to configure everything from a simple production facility to a large network spanning multiple facilities.

Using Cyber Lab you can: Manage the network configuration with Cyber Lab and generate the configuration used by CBCP. When the configuration is deployed CBCP secures the communication across the network.

Read further details about the cyber secure protocol, CBCP, here.
Find our getting started guide to Cyber Lab here

Cyber Lab helps with ISO/IEC compliance

It is important for organizations to be compliant with cyber security standards and secure both data and systems.

With Cyber Lab it is possible to keep track of users and systems permissions, cryptographic keys and data/communication flow. Video In standards like ISO/IEC 27001 and IEC 62433 it is required to document such details about the systems. With Cyber Lab this data can be queried and made into reports. These reports can also be used in information security risk assessment comparisons. Concretely Cyber Lab can be used to contribute towards the ISO/IEC 27001 points: Video If a policy is made about changing the encryption keys once a month, Cyber Lab can automatically generate new cryptographic keys for the entrie system.

Cyber Lab can keep track of system software version information and inform about known vulnerabilities in the system, as shown in the video here.

Virtual Office

Cyber Lab can be used to visualize virtual offices. Lots of work is done remote and on laptops, and for a large organization it can be hard to locate and administrate devices because they are not physically present at the office. With Cyber Lab it is possible with drawings and labels to virtually visualise departments in the organization independent of their physical location in the real world office.

However, sometimes it is hard to physically locate servers and devices in a building, and Cyber Lab could facilitate actual floor plans or 3D rendering of buildings, such that it is possible to locate a device physically. Video Cyber Lab will also contain "submaps" inside the overall organization network, for example an organization with ships. From the shore we mostly think about the ships as single units, but on the ships there are lots of devices and sensors. In Cyber Lab it will be possible to click on the ship and "zoom-in" to see the network map on the specific ship itself. This is partly illustrated by this video, but the subnetwork should be a completely new schematic for the ship only.

See Cyber Lab live

March 3rd we will host a showcase event in collaboration with IMADA/SDU, Danish Hub for Cyber Security and Universal Robots. We will demonstrate a couple of use cases with Universal Robots hardware, configured via Cyber Lab and CBCP. See event details here:

Get in touch

Please send a mail to to sign up for the Beta-Plus Development Programme* or to get the details about the showcase event.

*We will only enroll a limited number for our Beta-Plus Development programme.